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"South West Plumbing (Predator Plumbing) Try’s to Exploit Senior Citizen in Poor Health for $9265.00 to Fix Sewer Line …

On February 2 of 2009, my mother, Carol J Schrader age 67, called South West Plumbing of Seattle, Wa to discover why her main sewer line was backing up.

RW the service tech for Bill & Connie Buckingham, the owners of South West Plumbing, allegedly used a sewer line camera for inspecting the main line.

However, there was no record or any indication of a DVD or video being provided as evidence or proof for the outrageous fee of $9265.00 for replacing the main sewer line.

It is doubtful, if Bill & Connie Buckingham, the owners of South West Plumbing could or would even provide such evidence to support their claim of recommended sewer line replacement.

What’s outrageous is how RW, the service tech for , was trying to emotionally manipulate my mother, Carol J Schrader. Simply by deceiving or scaring her into authorizing the payment of $9891.21 to South West Plumbing!

Thankfully, she did not fall for the typical South West Plumbing upsell scam as revealed by the hidden one and two star reviews on Yelp.

Read How South West Plumbing tried to financially exploit a lady here:

Next, Read complaints here:

A price quote of $5000.00 would be considered expensive for installing 40’ of 4" schedule 40 sewer pipe. But, charging $9265.00 is beyond greedy. It’s financial exploitation!

Notice RW, how the service tech for South West Plumbing never discloses his first and last name on both pink invoices/receipts #131918 & #131919?

It appears Bill & Connie Buckingham, the owners of South West Plumbing take pride in financially screwing, instead of serving the community by hiring self-serving sales closers or conmen to upsell you unnecessary repairs at vastly inflated charges.

Remember the employees, plumbers or service techs of South West Plumbing, are a reflection of the owner’s true attitude toward the customers.

"The 1 one to call, if you want to get financially exploited."What is ironic is RW, the service tech for South West Plumbing actually fixed the backing up problem, by using a mechanical snake &/or Hydro-jet cleaning the existing clean out, in front of home!

There has absolutely been no backing-up problems since February, 2, 2009! My mother was grateful for this, but not with the totally unnecessary estimated sewer line replacement charges of $9265.00.

How South West Plumbing Games The Review System to Exploit Your Trust

Don’t be deceived by the 5 star reviews as virtually all reviews are solicited. No business would ever ask unhappy customers to write reviews.

South West Plumbing, games the review system by asking customers to flood with five-star reviews, so they can hide the honest negative reviews.

Bill & Connie Buckingham, the owners of South West Plumbing use to game the review system. For proof, visit

It almost appears South West Plumbing is blemish free!The bottom-line is don't hire or use South West Plumbing for your plumbing services as they have demonstrated to be unethical.

You can’t trust their plumbers to charge you fairly. But you can absolutely trust the plumbers to exploit your lack of knowledge and understanding of plumbing issues and repairs to grossly overcharge you for their services.

Especially, if you’re a female and/or a senior citizen! Profit is their number one priority & not customer service.

Btw, don’t count on any personal phone service either as Bill & Connie Buckingham of South West Plumbing use a call center as an answering service.

Meaning, you won’t be able to talk to any plumber and get an estimate.

You’ll be required to pay a flat rate dispatch fee in order to talk to a plumber at your home to diagnose your plumbing problem and give you an estimate.

FYI, South West Plumbing ( is operating a virtual office in the following cities and counties.

Here’s a partial listing of cities under Google Maps with the following phone numbers, if you want to avoid hiring plumbers from South West Plumbing (

As the largest company in the area, they serve (exploit) King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties.

King CountyFederal Way 253-272-6700Greater Eastside 425-455-3773Issaquah/ Renton 425-373-5777Kent/ Des Moines 253-941-4843North Seattle 206-363-4006Queen Anne/ Magnolia 206-282-8176Seattle/ West Seattle 206-932-1777South King County 253-872-0081South Seattle 206-246-3774U District/ Green Lake 206-547-2248Pierce CountyTacoma 253-272-6700Fife/ Milton 253-922-2248Gig Harbor 253-272-6700Puyallup/ Sumner 253-435-1777Snohomish CountyEverett/ Mill Creek/South Snohomish 425-513-8665Lynnwood 425-745-5993Marysville/ Arlington/North Snohomish 360-658-8898

Why was this complaint, just now filed after 6 years?

Let me explain: My mother was seriously ill with cancer during this time period & did not have the energy nor time to complain about this financial exploitation

Carol J. Schrader passed away in July of 2012 with this unresolved complaint against South West Plumbing (

However, it’s obviously too late to resolve this now, but not too late to warn others about getting financially exploited by South West Plumbing &/or Bill & Connie Buckingham.

South West Plumbing contract/receipt and estimate was just recently discovered this July of 2015.

I hope this complaint prevents other homeowners, especially women and senior citizens from avoiding getting financially exploited by not doing hiring South West Plumbing.

If you believe you have incurred damages to your property from South West Plumbing. Simply click the direct link below to report damages or any violations:

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. mark777 stated that there is a room for improvement of unetical and exploits customers ignorance about plumbing and unethical and overcharges. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of sewer line installation and associated monetary loss in the amount of $9000. South West Plumbing needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned sewer line installation in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at South West Plumbing.

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